The Hungry Night

The Hungry Dark is a problematic figure in Human divinity, mostly because so little is known about it. There are no scriptures directly about The Hungry Dark, and no organized religions which worship it.

That is probably for the best, though. The Hungry Dark personifies the dangers of the wild. It is said to spawn horror and abomination, and those who are unworthy of Hel’s protection to the afterlife are said to be damned to its service.

Old wive’s tale will often speak of ancient cults and secret evils which pay homage to The Hungry Dark, but little scholarly evidence supports there ever having been any.

At the end of the day, The Hungry Dark is evil. It is that which opposes Hel, the Quiet Night and Wode, the Builder. It is blamed for the existence of undead and abherrent monsters- it is fear itself.

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The Hungry Night

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