The lands of the White Wold are unforgiving, even for those born and raised there. Amidst the ruins of a once-great Dwarven Kingdom and Cann Silain, the Inner Sea, the White Wold is a study in contrast. Stunning beauty mingles freely with horror- the stalwart settlements of pioneers are built on the forgotten ruins of those who came before.

Darsan – Largest city of Man, ruled by High Thane Osric the Restless

Lawsar – Second city of Man, ruled by High Thane Ulf Skandgaard

Caer Gybran – Home to the Hill-Dwarves of Clan Axenforge

Caer Bangril – Home to the Mountain-Dwarves of Clan Wrathbone

Valric – Last refuge of the High Elves

Sowmir – Sacred meeting site to the nomadic Wood Elves

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