Hel, the Quiet Night

Though a diverse people, culturally, Humans only recognize a handful of distinct deities.

By far the most widespread of these is Hel, the Quiet Night. An anthropomorphic personification of Death, Hel is seen as the natural end of things. She is eternal, depicted as a shrouded and faceless feminine figure.

Clerics and devotees of Hel often work maintaining burial mounds and graveyards. They see themselves as shepherds, offering council and succor to the dead and dying. In most warfare, it is not uncommon to see Clerics of Hel offering last rites and respite to the dying.

Though a goddess of night and death, ushering the worthy to the Beyond, Hel opposes The Hungry Night and the undead who interrupt a peaceful journey to the Beyond. As such, Clerics of Hel are almost always the first to respond to the threat of the undead.

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Hel, the Quiet Night

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